The IMISCOE Online Library

The IMISCOE online library is a crucial tool for worldwide dissemination of IMISCOE relevant publications. It contains the metadata for publications (the title, name of the author, etc.) but can also include a digital copy of the publication itself.

The library can be browsed by author or institute. More specific search queries can be entered in the advanced search option. For questions and advise on how to search for publications please consult the help section.


The IMISCOE online library is part of the Digital Academic Repository of the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA-DARE). This service is part of a national and international network of scientific and scholarly information services. The DARE-repository is also “harvested” by all general search machines such as Google, Google Scholar and Yahoo.


IMISCOE has instructed the authors who submitted their publications to the online library, that it is their responsibility to be aware of issues of copyrights or ownership of intellectual property. As submissions to the online library are voluntary, IMISCOE cannot be hold responsible for any violation of copyrights.

If incorrect information is found, please notify us: webmaster@imiscoe.org