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AuthorR. Morén-Alegret
TitleImmigrants and immigration policy making: the case of Spain
Title seriesWorking paper
Institute/dept.Associated members
KeywordsPolicies local/national/international; Cities/Countries; Comparative theory/case studies
AbstractForeign immigration from impoverished countries to Spain began to be a significant
phenomenon in the mid 1980s (during many years most of the foreign residents in Spain
were Western European nationals). At that time the first Foreigners Law LO 7/1985 was
passed (followed by a regularisation process), just before Spain joined the European
Community. In this report, publications and studies on immigrants and immigration
policy-making at the central, regional, local and international level are compiled. As it
will be shown, the literature related to the subject in different ways is relatively ample,
although the number of publications using the concept of governance is sparse. Most of
the research is published in Spanish language, but a few contributions are in English and
Catalan language.
Document typeReport
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