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AuthorsE. Florence, M. Martiniello
TitleThe Links Between Academic Research and Public Policies in the Field of Migration and Ethnic Relations: Selected National Case-Studies
JournalIJMS: International Journal on Multicultural Societies
Institute/dept.CEDEM - Centre d'√Čtudes de l'Ethnicit√© et des Migrations
KeywordsPublic opinion/media; Policies local/national/international
AbstractMigration issues are often thought and debated in terms of societal security. The association of migration with a series of social ills such as crime, urban disorder, unemployment, etc. in the mass media and in some political statements is common to many countries. In these conditions, the task of social and political scientists is very delicate and complex, as they are asked to produce objective knowledge about a highly politicised set of issues. Could their work not contribute to the over-dramatisation of migration, even though their aim may be exactly the opposite? Is there not a risk for the results of their work to be misinterpreted in order to fit political strategies?
Document typeArticle
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