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AuthorsM. Martiniello, P. Simon
TitleLes enjeux de la catégorisation. Rapports de domination et luttes autour de la représentation dans les sociétés post-migratoires
JournalRevue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI)
Institute/dept.CEDEM - Centre d'Études de l'Ethnicité et des Migrations
KeywordsCultural values; Policies local/national/international; Comparative theory/case studies; Identity
AbstractCategorization and Classification as Power Struggle. Domination and Conflicts for Representation in Postmigratory Societies. -- Because it provides the framework for representation and action in the social world, categorization is a strategic power stake in postmigratory societies. Minority groups are confronted with a dilemma that reflects debates in the social sciences: invest in stigmatized collective identities that have been historically assigned to them in order either to try to value them or to produce new identifications. The question of the political strategy faces by minorities is also relevant, in other ways for social sciences: the responsibility of researchers faced with the politics of identities and the construction of research objects faced with categorizations built to reproduce hierarchies. This article presents an overview of the various dimensions approached in this issue dealing with categorization and relations of domination.
Document typeArticle
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