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AuthorsC. Westin, N. Westin
TitleProjections of urban development
Title seriesIMISCOE Working Papers
Series number25
Institute/dept.CEIFO - Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations
KeywordsHealth/welfare; Migration/migration flows; Cities/Countries; Comparative theory/case studies
AbstractCharles Westin and Niklas Westin offer an overview of world population development, the main trends in global urbanisation and the effects of fast-growing mega-cities that lack adequate environmental infrastructure and political stability. Their analysis is based mainly on UN and World Bank statistics and specific trend projections. The authors pinpoint where urban growth could be exceptionally high and which problems would be specifically related to such expansion. In many cities, this means the rise of slums, squatters and favelas, which, in turn, are related to worldwide environmental risks, global warming and flooding, crime, corruption, and health and urban terrorism.
Document typeReport
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