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AuthorsTiziana Caponio, Maren Borkert
TitleThe Local Dimension of Migration Policymaking
Title seriesResearch Series
Institute/dept.FIERI - Forum Internazionale ed Europeo di Ricerche sull'Immigrazione
KeywordsPolicies local/national/international; Comparative theory/case studies; Integration/settlement
AbstractThis searching study offers a fresh perspective on immigrant integration policy in European and North American cities. Seeing just where and how immigrants and their receiving societies interact on a daily basis, the authors expose societal inclusion as it operates at the local level. The individual chapters focus on three particular areas of migration policy – citizenship, welfare services and religious diversity – and, in so doing, consider urban settings in their respective national contexts. Spanning Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada, the case studies are varied in their methodological approaches yet all demonstrate the relevance of the local level despite differences in state structures, models of integration and centre-peripheral relations. This complex comparative exercise yields important insights into immigration policies at work. It is one that responsible policymakers cannot ignore.
Document typeBook
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