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AuthorV. Bader
TitleMisrecognition, Power, and Democracy
PublisherCambridge University Press
Book/source titleRecognition and Power
EditorsB. van den Brink, D. Owen
Institute/dept.IMES - Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
KeywordsReligion; Identity; Justice/policing/crime
AbstractThe topic of recognition has come to occupy a central place in contemporary debates in social and political theory. Developed by George Herbert Mead and Charles Taylor, it has been given renewed expression in the recent program for Critical Theory developed by Axel Honneth in his book The Struggle for Recognition. Honneth’s research program offers an empirically insightful way of reflecting on emancipatory struggles for greater justice and a powerful theoretical tool for generating a conception of justice and the good that enables the normative evaluation of such struggles. This volume offers a critical clarification and evaluation of this research program, particularly its relationship to the other major development in critical social and political theory over recent years, namely, the focus on power as formative of practical identities (or forms of subjectivity) proposed by Michel Foucault and developed by theorists such as Judith Butler, James Tully, and Iris Marion Young.

• A broad, state-of-the-art discussion of the work of Axel Honneth by leading philosophers and social theorists • Honneth confronts how a morality of recognition can avoid complicity with ideologically laden standards of mutual expectation • Leading theorists such as Robert Pippin, Iris Marion Young, and Rainer Forst present their views, as well as their critique of Honneth’s work
Document typeChapter
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