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41  download  Article: Reasonable Impartiality and Priority for Compatriots. A Criticism of Liberal Nationalism’s Main flaws
V. Bader, in: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 8 (2005), p. 83-103
42  download  Report: Muslims in Europe:The state of research
F. Buijs, J. Rath, (2005)
43  download  Report: Country report on the Netherlands: policy making related to immigration and integration: a review of the literature of the Dutch case
R. Penninx, B. Garcés-Mascareñas, P. Scholten, (2005)
44  download  Report: Gaining from migration: What works in networks? Examining economically related benefits accrued from greater economic linkages, migration processes, and diasporas
A. Rindoks, R. Penninx, J. Rath, (2005)
45  download  Book: Marokkaanse organisaties in Amsterdam in 2001. Een netwerkanalyse
A. van Heelsum, (2001), 67 p.
46   Article: Turkije en Internationale Migratie, 1923-1999
A. Akgündüz, in: Justitiele Verkenningen, Vol. 26 (2000), p. 110-125
47   Article: The Ottoman Empire and External Migrations, 1783-1922
A. Akgündüz, in: Toplum ve Bilim, Vol. 80 (1999), p. 144-170
48   Article: Migration to and from Turkey, 1783-1960: types, numbers and ethno-religious dimensions
A. Akgündüz, in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 24 (1998), p. 97-120
49  download  Book: Ghanese organisaties in Amsterdam, een netwerkanalyse
M. Berger, A. van Heelsum, M. Fennema, J. Tillie, (1998), 45 p.
50  download  Report: International Migration: Processes and Interventions. A study of governmental interventions in migration processes
Hans van Amersfoort, Jeroen Doomernik, Rinus Penninx, (1996)