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11  download  Report: Diversity, equality and discrimination in working life
K. Kraal, (2008)
12  download  Report: The future of migration research in Europe
K. Kraal, (2008)
13  download  Preprint: Organizing for access? The political mobilization of Turks in Amsterdam
L. Michon, F. Vermeulen, in: Turkish Studies (2008), p. 35
14  download  Dissertation: Transnational migrant politics in the Netherlands: historical structures and current events
Liza Nell, (2008)
15  download  Dissertation: Las telas transgresoras de la araña Anancy en el archipiélago de San Andrés, Vieja Providencia y Santa Catalina (Colombia) y en la provincia Atlántica de Limón (Costa Rica)
Lina M.Pochet Rodriguez, (2008)
16  download  Report: Illegal migration: how gender makes a difference
M. Schrover, J. van der Leun, L. Lucassen, C. Quispel, (2008)
17  download  Book: Secularism or Democracy? Associational Governance of Religious Diversity
V. Bader, (2007)
18  download  Report: Policy making related to immigration and integration. The Dutch case: a policy analysis
M. Bruquetas-Callejo, B. Garces-Mascarenas, R. Penninx, P. Scholten, (2007)
19  download  Report: Muslims in the EU: cities report. Preliminary research report and literature survey. The Netherlands
F. Demant, M. Maussen, J. Rath, (2007)
20  download  Report: Inside Perspectives on the Process of Human smuggling
I. van Liempt, (2007)