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AuthorH. Kolb
TitleEntrance fees for migrants: A fair and efficient proposal for immigration policy reform
Title seriesIMISCOE Policy Briefs
Series number11
Institute/dept.IMIS - Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies
KeywordsMigration/migration flows; Policies local/national/international; Economic integration/labour market/informal economy
AbstractThis policy brief proposes a fee-based entrance system to control migration flows. By integrating economic and migration theory, the proposal rests on the observations that current migration policies are unfair and inefficient. A fee-based entrance system could control migration flows while satisfying labour market demands, satisfying state requirements and respecting human rights. This brief is based on the IMISCOE publication Migrants and Markets: Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences by Holger Kolb and Henrik Egbert (eds) (Amsterdam University Press 2008).
Document typeReport
Download paperdownload PB11-Entrancefeesformigrants-Kolb.pdf document/117682