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AuthorG.G. Hourani
TitleThe Impact of the Summer 2006 War on Migration in Lebanon: Emigration, Re-Migration, Evacuation, and Returning
PublisherNDU Press
Institute/dept.MIGRINTER - Migrations Internationales, Espaces et Sociétés
KeywordsCitizenship/legal status; Cities/Countries; History; Migrant organisations
AbstractThis study discusses the circumstances that led to the re-migration of thousands of Lebanese residents and migrants during the Summer War of 2006. It also reviews the non-combatants evacuation operation undertaken by embassies and international organizations and the role of the safe havens, i.e. Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Cyprus in the evacuation processes. Furthermore, it exposes immigration issues such as abolishing dual citizenship, evacuation cost, loyalty of dual nationals, temporary protected status and the like that surfaced in different countries of immigration due to the evacuation of such large numbers of dual citizens during the Summer 2006 War in Lebanon. Moreover, through a self-administered questionnaire, the study provides information on the Lebanese who left concerning the impact of the war on their decision to leave, on their health, as well as the conditions required for them to reconsider returning to the country. The study extracts personal stories from the filled in questionnaires that illustrate the opinion and feelings of the evacuees. The study ends with a summary of key findings with policy recommendation.

The study aims at capturing the impact of the war as it was unfolding. The study will be complemented by another in-depth study which is commissioned by the European Commission.

The major assets of this study are two fold. First, it offers an immediate insight into the assisted departure of Lebanese expatriates and foreigners of Lebanese origin during and following the war. It deals with the situation in Lebanon, as well as with events and developments in the transit and host countries. Based on a comprehensive media overview and feed back from a handful of embassies, the public face of forced migration has been surveyed and evaluated.

Secondly, this study permitted those forced to leave to give accounts of their personal experiences during and immediately after the war. This insight into the evacuees' opinions and assessments of their situation with respect to Lebanon is unfiltered by the events which occurred in the months after the cease-fire. This is indeed a document of historical significance. This study has made clear that the Summer 2006 War will have a long-term impact both on Lebanese emigration and the willingness of Lebanese in the diaspora to return home.
Document typeBook