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AuthorsR. Black, H. White
TitleTargeting Development: Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals
Title seriesRoutledge Studies in Development Economics
Institute/dept.SCMR - Sussex Centre for Migration Research
KeywordsEconomic integration/labour market/informal economy
AbstractThe Millennium Development Goals accepted by the UN in 2000 are, along with the targets set by the OECD in 1996 the subject of this expertly written book. It asks and answers questions such as:

Is development achievable in the time frames given?
How useful were the goals in the first place?
How far have we come in solving the aching problems of the developing world?
This impressive collection featuring an array of respected contributors and a preface from Mark Malloch Brown of the UNDP, will be required reading among development economists and those interested in development studies more generally. Perhaps more importantly, the lessons learned from this book shall need to be understood and acted upon by policy makers at both national and international levels.
Document typeBook
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