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AuthorE. Kofman
TitleCitizenship, migration and the reassertion of national identity
JournalCitizenship Studies
Institute/dept.Associated members
KeywordsCitizenship/legal status; Integration/settlement; Policies local/national/international; Identity; Diversity/pluralism/multiculturalism
AbstractThe expansion and contraction of rights have occurred within a managerialist approach which, though recognising the need for immigration, applies an economic and political calculus not only to labour migration but also to forms of migration more closely aligned to normative principles and human rights, such as family formation and reunification and asylum. At the same time, states are demanding affirmation of belonging and loyalty, leading to greater emphasis on obligations in the practice of citizenship. The paper traces the evolution of a managerialist regime and its consequences for the reconfiguration of spaces of citizenship and examines the development of new contracts of settlement and the management of diversity as the state reasserts its national identity and sovereignty.
Document typeArticle