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AuthorK. Apostolatou
TitleImmigrant and immigration policy-making: a review of the literature of the Greek case
Title seriesWorking paper
Institute/dept.FIERI - Forum Internazionale ed Europeo di Ricerche sull'Immigrazione
KeywordsCities/Countries; Policies local/national/international; Comparative theory/case studies
AbstractThe creation of public policy is a dynamic process. Events, actors, and political
institutions combine and conflict in a wide array of unpredictable ways (Gerston
1997: 20). The process that has led to immigrant and immigration policies in Greece,
the actors involved and the levels at which they are made, is a topic that has been
ignored by the academic community. The following literature review covers this
area to show the need for future research. First, the extent and type of recent
migration flows to Greece will be shortly presented, as well as the main immigration
legislation since the beginning of the 1990s. Secondly, the existing literature
will be reviewed, giving emphasis to studies which have put in the centre of their
analysis not so much the content of immigrant and integration policies, but the
process that has led to them. In this review of the literature we will focus on the
national decision-making level of immigrant and integration policies in Greece.
Studies that deal with the local, intermediate and supranational level are almost
Document typeReport
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