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AuthorsA. Rindoks, R. Penninx, J. Rath
TitleGaining from migration: What works in networks? Examining economically related benefits accrued from greater economic linkages, migration processes, and diasporas
Title seriesWorking paper
Institute/dept.IMES - Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
KeywordsEconomic integration/labour market/informal economy; Transnationalism; Migrant organisations
AbstractNetworks are a fundamental part of the various connections that occur between
people and places and help to illuminate and facilitate existing forms and processes
of migration as well as issues related to incorporation of immigrants. This report
reviews the literature on networks to look particularly at how networks are
understood across disciplines and hence can be utilised both for furthering understanding
in new research and in policy applications. The report focuses specifically
on the utility of networks in the realm involving both migration and economic
activity and incorporation of migrants. ‘Networks’ are significant in the context of
globalisation and related interconnectivity as they can be utilised not only to
identify key actors, but also as an explanatory mechanism for processes. Furthermore,
network analysis allows a dynamic look at interactions impacting on migration
as well as on economic activity. In this way, networks relate to any range of
policy goals: be they for migration (such as entry policies, work permits, or integration)
or economic development (such as sector targeting, policies to advance
immigrant entrepreneurship, or return migration programs). Although sending
countries are briefly addressed, the report focuses primarily on the European as
the receiving context.
Document typeReport
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