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AuthorsM. Bommes, H. Kolb
TitleEconomic Integration, Work, Entrepreneurship. State of the Art Report Cluster
Title seriesWorking paper
Institute/dept.IMIS - Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies
KeywordsEconomic integration/labour market/informal economy
Abstract“It´s the economy, stupid.” Bill Clinton´s famous and succesful motto in his presidential election campaigns in 1992 and 1996 has of course – at a first glance – nothing to do with migration and integration. It indicates, however, the importance and significance of economic performance for almost everybody in all phases of life. And, of course, economic issues gain more and more importance for issues linked to migration and integration in all relevant countries of immigration. Although economic issues have not always been the centrepiece of migration research in the last decades1, a lot of scientific material, literature and empirical data from different theoretical starting points has been accumulated. So it is one major task of this report to sift the milestones of this existing literature and to structure it in a way that allows us to prestructure and formulate an outlook for possible future research in the last chapter of this report. This
Document typeReport
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