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AuthorP. Goeke
TitleTransnationale Migrationen. Post-jugoslawische Biografien in der Weltgesellschaft
Title seriesKultur und Soziale Praxis
Institute/dept.IMIS - Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies
KeywordsTransnationalism; Generations/family; Integration/settlement
AbstractEngaging with the ongoing dispute between proponents of transnational theories on the one hand and those advocating assimilation and integration theories on the other, the dissertation starts with a critique of recent conceptual discussions within contemporary migration studies. In order to develop a more satisfying position conciliating between the two sides involved, the author of this dissertation takes up a system theoretical perspective as a third point of refe­rence. This change in focus is based on general system theory as mainly elaborated by Niklas Luhmann and its adaptation to migration theory by Michael Bommes. After providing a detailed elaboration of the advantages system theory has to offer, its theoretical insights are then put in dialogue with geographical and transnational studies in migration finally resulting in the specific epistemological interest of this dissertation. In this process, central terms and concepts within migratory studies, such as nation, identity, integration as well as assimilation and transnationalisation are readjusted. By making full use of the analytical potential of sys­tem theory the dissertation is able to draw a different picture of the diverse transnational struc­tures, biographies and identifications which have emerged from the earlier phase of 'guest worker migration' between former Yugoslavia and Germany onwards. Amongst the main findings of this dissertation is the insight that transnationalisation conceptualized as a way of life proves to be very favourable to some migrants. Yet, migrants do not master social advancement against the odds of being forced to participate in life 'here and there', rather it is the simultaneous inclusion in both contexts, for instance Germany and Croatia, which pro­vides indispensable resources and enables their social advancement.
Document typeBook
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