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AuthorD. Charalampopoulou
TitleGender and Migration in Greece:The Position and Status of Albanian Women in Patras
Institute/dept.SCMR - Sussex Centre for Migration Research
AbstractGreece has experienced major changes in its migration patterns. After a century or so of emigration, it has now become a country of immigration. Much academic research has concentrated on the impact this change has on Greek society. However, there is a tendency to ignore the role that gender plays in the migration process. This article addresses the issue of Albanian immigration to Greece, focusing on the aspect of gender. It presents the living and working conditions of Albanian women who migrate to Greece, especially to one of its cities, Patras. It examines the new migration process through the eyes of women migrants. It is centred on their narration about their journey to Greece, their decision to migrate, the problems that they face, their experiences and plans for the future: in short, their life stories. Finally, the article draws attention to the need for further research on issues concerning migrant women in Greece.
Document typeArticle