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 Chapter: Against Monism. Pluralist critical comments on Danielle Allen and Philip Petit.
V. Bader, in: Political Exclusion and Domination. NOMOS Vol. 46 (2005), p. 164-178
download  Chapter: Associative Democracy and Minorities Within Minorities
V. Bader, in: Minorities Within Minorities. Equality, Rights and Diversity (2005), p. 319-339
download  Article: Dilemmas of Multiculturalism. Finding or Losing our Way?
V. Bader, in: Canadian Diversity/Diversité Canadienne, Vol. 4 (2005), p. 86-89
download  Chapter: Ethnic and Religious State Neutrality: Utopia or Myth?
V. Bader, in: Changing the Basis of Citizenship in the Modern State. Political Theory and the Politics of Diversity (2005), p. 161-98
download  Article: Introduction: The Future of Multiculturalism.
V. Bader, in: Canadian Diversity/Diversité Canadienne, Vol. 4 (2005), p. 9-11
download  Chapter: Misrecognition, Power, and Democracy
V. Bader, in: Recognition and Power (2005)
download  Article: Reasonable Impartiality and Priority for Compatriots. A Criticism of Liberal Nationalism’s Main flaws
V. Bader, in: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 8 (2005), p. 83-103
download  Report: Muslims in Europe:The state of research
F. Buijs, J. Rath, (2005)
download  Report: Country report on the Netherlands: policy making related to immigration and integration: a review of the literature of the Dutch case
R. Penninx, B. Garcés-Mascareñas, P. Scholten, (2005)
10  download  Report: Gaining from migration: What works in networks? Examining economically related benefits accrued from greater economic linkages, migration processes, and diasporas
A. Rindoks, R. Penninx, J. Rath, (2005)