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download  Article: 'Aqlah Brice Al Shidyaq: A Woman Peddler from Northern Lebanon
G.G. Hourani, in: Al-Raida magazine XXIV (2007), p. 52-55
 Lecture: Diaspora and E-Commerce: The Globalization of Lebanese Baklava
G.G. Hourani, (2007), p. 41
download  Lecture: Emigration and Remittances: The Case of Lebanon
G.G. Hourani, (2007), p. 18
download  Article: Gender Mainstreaming Forced Migration Research
G.G. Hourani, E.R. Sensenig-Dabbous, in: Al-Raida magazine XXIV (2007), p. 56-60
download  Report: Migration and Return: The Case of Lebanon Following the Summer 2006 War
G.G. Hourani, E.R. Sensenig-Dabbous, (2007)
 Lecture: Rationale behind the "Whiteness" of the Syrian-Lebanese in South Africa and the United States of America in Two Court Cases
G.G. Hourani, (2007), p. 19
 Lecture: Transnational Lebanese Communities Network: Using Traditional, Alternative and ICT-Based Methodologies to Study Middle Eastern Migration Networks
G.G. Hourani, E.R. Sensenig-Dabbous, (2007), p. 25