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download  Book: Targeting Development: Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals
R. Black, H. White, (2004), 384 p.
 Article: Transnational migration, return and development in West Africa
R. Black, R. King, in: Population, Society and Place, Special Issue, Vol. 10 (2004), p. 75-174
 Article: Gender and Migration in Greece:The Position and Status of Albanian Women in Patras
D. Charalampopoulou, in: Finisterra, Vol. 39 (2004)
 Article: Islam, Transnationalism and the Public Sphere in Western Europe
R. Grillo, B. Soares, in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: Special Issue, Vol. 30 (2004)
download  Report: Gender, Age and Generations. State of the art report Cluster C8
R. King, M. Thomson, T. Fielding, T. Warnes, (2004)