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AuthorsM. Jandl, C. Hollomey, S. Gendera, A. Stepien, V. Bilger
TitleMigration and Irregular Work in Austria. A Case Study of the Structure and Dynamics o f Irregular Foreign Employment in Europe at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Title seriesIMISCOE Reports
Institute/dept.Associated members
KeywordsComparative theory/case studies; Economic integration/labour market/informal economy; Illegal/irregular migration; Policies local/national/international
AbstractThis meticulously researched study of irregular migrant work in Austria holds many broader lessons for countries all over Europe. The book derives many of its fascinating insights from systematic in-depth interviews with migrants themselves. The authors demonstrate that it is no longer enough to divide the world of foreign employment into “legal” and “illegal” work. Instead, over the past few years, particularly in the context of progressive EU-enlargement in Europe, new manifestations of “irregular migrant work” have evolved. Moreover, the authors convincingly argue that irregular migrant work is based on both supply and demand, and is therefore unlikely to fade away in the foreseeable future.
Document typeBook
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