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AuthorsS. Vertovec, S. Wessendorf
TitleMigration and Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Diversity in Europe:An overview of issues and trends
Title seriesWorking papers
Institute/dept.COMPAS - Centre on Migration, Policy and Society
KeywordsDiversity/pluralism/multiculturalism; Religion; Language; Comparative theory/case studies
AbstractIMISCOE is organised into eight thematic ‘research clusters’ that
cross-cut personnel and activities throughout the nineteen constituent institutes. ‘Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Diversity’ represents one of these research clusters.
This document largely considers developments in Europe in recent
years. Its purposes is to: (I) highlight some of the key issues surrounding ‘Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Diversity’ as they have emerged and engaged public debate and policy development in various national and local contexts, and (II) to give an overview of some of the academic literature concerning these key issues. We do not claim that this ‘state-of-the-art’ piece is comprehensive or exhaustive as to the issues and literature. It is intended to be only indicative of the major trends and topics. The topics discussed in this report reflect the various contributions of the cluster members themselves who work in many different fields of specialisation and whose expertise helped to cover a wide range of areas from an interdisciplinary perspective. Throughout the text we include ‘boxes’ highlighting research and findings relevant to the theme from within the IMISCOE network.
Document typeReport
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