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AuthorsH. Chahrokh, M. Hofmann, A. Kraler, M. Jandl, C. Lundström
TitleThe implications of the Hague Programme for European asylum and migration policies
Institute/dept.ICMPD - International Center for Migration Policy Development
KeywordsPolicies local/national/international
AbstractIn 2004, the five-year transitional period foreseen for the implementation of the Tampere work programme on migration and asylum came to an end and intense discussions on the adoption of a new multi-annual work programme took place between the Commission, the Council and the Member States. The new five-year work programme, the so-called "Hague Programme", was adopted at the Brussels European Council on 4/5 November 2004 and deals with all aspects of policies relating to the area of freedom, security and justice, notably fundamental rights and citizenship, asylum and migration, border management and integration. This ICMPD briefing paper provides an analysis of the Hague programme, critically evaluates the progress made so far under the Tampere agenda and gives an outlook on the future development of EU migration and asylum Policy. TitleSeries: ICMPD Briefing Paper
Document typeother
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