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AuthorV. Bader
TitleEthnic and Religious State Neutrality: Utopia or Myth?
PublisherEdwin Mellen Press
PlaceNew York
Book/source titleChanging the Basis of Citizenship in the Modern State. Political Theory and the Politics of Diversity
EditorsH.G. Sicakkan, Y.G. Lithman
Institute/dept.IMES - Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
KeywordsReligion; Policies local/national/international; Cultural values
AbstractHow is citizenship and co-existence in diverse societies possible? This book endeavors to demonstrate that the links between belongings and memberships should be a central consideration in any attempt to answer this crucial question. Citizenship, understood as a form of membership, does not always seem to overlap with the existing forms of belonging. To provide a solid interdisciplinary basis for theorizing the links between belongings and memberships in contexts of diversity, this volume brings together the conceptual and methodological tools of political theory, social theory, history, political science, and sociology. In this book, scholars with unique competencies share their knowledge on the topic and provide novel angles for thinking about citizenship and co-existence in diverse societies.
Document typeChapter
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