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AuthorsH. Fassmann, J. Kohlbacher, U. Reeger
TitleInternational migration and its regulation. State of the art report Cluster A1
Title seriesWorking papers
Institute/dept.ISR/EIF - Institute for Urban and Regional Research/Institute for European Integration Research
KeywordsPolicies local/national/international
AbstractThe main focus of cluster A1 is international migration as such. It does not deal with the causes and consequences of migration. Nor does it address the different dimensions of the integration process and the legal inclusion or exclusion of migrants. The process of migration, its conceptual delineation and the statistical recognition are in the centre of the A1-interests.
This overarching approach to migration implies that the issues addressed by the members of this cluster are of central interest to the whole network. These issues basically fall into five research questions: How can we define international migration and mobility; which phenomena of international migration and mobility have already been addressed and which have been neglected? What are the relevant theoretical paradigms in international migration research? Which regularities does international migration show in terms of structural aspects? What are the most important modes of regulation? Which new forms and patterns of migration have evolved in response to regulation? These five principal, to some extent broad, but necessary questions have guided the work of cluster A1. They correspond to five thematic areas:
• Thematic Area 1: International Migration: Concepts and Measurement,
• Thematic Area 2: Changing Paradigms in Migration Theory,
• Thematic Area 3: Structural Aspects of International Migration,
• Thematic Area 4: Modes of Regulation,
• Thematic Area 5: Migration Industry: Means and Routes of Migration.
These thematic areas supply the basic structure for this state of the art report. Based on contributions of the cluster members, this report has two aims: one is to reflect the wide range of research interests within the cluster. The other, more ambitious goal is to provide a wider overview of the state of the art in the different areas addressed within this
Document typeReport
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