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Record: oai:arno:192298

AuthorE. Kofman
TitleFigures of the cosmopolitan: privileged nationals and national outsiders
JournalInnovation. European Journal of Social Science Research
Institute/dept.Associated members
KeywordsDiversity/pluralism/multiculturalism; Identity; Transnationalism
AbstractIn contemporary European social and political thought, cosmopolitanism is frequently linked with the modern mobile cultural citizen, who is open to the variety of global cultures. However there is another cosmopolitan figure which draws upon an ambiguous historical baggage where the rootless and flexible outsider was treated with suspicion and hostility and was epitomised by the Jew with divided allegiances and little attachment to the land, and more often at home in the city. Today the fear of divided loyalties and transnational political participation falls in particular upon Europe's Muslim populations, who must demonstrate that they are not cosmopolitan. Thus what is interpreted positively in the privileged national is deemed to be negative and problematic in the migrant.
NoteOther keyword: Cosmopolitanism
Document typeArticle