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Record: oai:arno:227557

AuthorK. Horsti
TitleVierauden rajat: Monikulttuurisuus ja turvapaikanhakijat journalismissa
PublisherTampere University Press
Title seriesMediatutkimuksia
Institute/dept.Associated members
KeywordsPublic opinion/media; Illegal/irregular migration; Diversity/pluralism/multiculturalism; Discrimination/racism/exclusion; Cultural values
Abstract(Book in Finnish language) The research focuses firstly on the Finnish news coverage of asylum seekers and secondly on multicultural media initiatives in the mainstream journalism. The research asks how journalism frames asylum seekers on the one hand and multiculturalism on the other hand. Furthermore, the study aims at discussing the cultural order and the national order of things that is being (re)produced through media texts. All the case studies are analyzed with qualitative textual analysis, with the method of frame analysis.

The research material is collected from Finnish mainstream journalism between 1999-2002. The research concludes that asylum seekers are framed through illegality and control. Concentration on small facts creates a panoptic controlling eye on asylum seekers. Enterprises for good practice - "multicultural journalism" - reflect the current situation in Finnish society and its journalism. Ethnic minorities are recognized, problems in journalistic practices such as lack of immigrant sources are recognized. However, these initiatives are connected to ideas of assimilation and segregation: to diluting and vomiting difference.
NoteFrame analysis; discourse analysis
Document typeBook
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