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Record: oai:arno:308629

AuthorC. Westin
TitleEuropean Integration: A matter of acknowledging identities
Title seriesIMISCOE Policy Briefs
Series number14
Institute/dept.CEIFO - Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations
KeywordsIdentity; Policies local/national/international
AbstractThe European Union aims to integrate new and old member states and seeks to create an economically strong, democratic and administratively well-functioning union of independent states that peacefully co-exist. In order to realise this, policymakers must validate the complexities of identity issues in an increasingly multiethnic Europe. This policy brief addresses such questions of identity at the European, national and local policy levels. This brief is based on the forthcoming IMISCOE publication Identity Processes and Dynamics in Multiethnic Europe by Charles Westin et al. (eds).
Document typeReport
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