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Record: oai:arno:361164

AuthorsHans van Amersfoort, Jeroen Doomernik, Rinus Penninx
TitleInternational Migration: Processes and Interventions. A study of governmental interventions in migration processes
Institute/dept.IMES - Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
KeywordsPolicies local/national/international; Comparative theory/case studies
AbstractSince the rise of the modern nation-state, governments have always tried to regulate international migration, most often for economic reasons. As the European Union gains importance, the regulation of international migration enters the realm of European politics. This process coincides with growing migration pressure, from both the South and from Eastern Europe. Because the economic and other effects of uncontrolled flows of migrants are unpredictable and therefore undesirable, this pressure leads to a growing political concern for migration regulation. Two related questions follow from these developments: how to regulate migration, and how to do so at a European level. These were the fundamental questions posed in a study commissioned by the Secretariat of the Commission of the European Union. The object of the project entitled Migration: Processes and Intervention is to develop a theoretical framework to analyse migration management by political authorities.

This study contains four parts. In the first part the level of analysis is discussed and the relevant variables in migration processes and their regulation are spelt out. Subsequently these are brought together in a model. In Part II some hypotheses are formulated and tested on the basis of empirical material from several European states. Part III places these findings in the context of experiences from other parts of the world. In the final remarks (Part IV) the findings of this study are presented together with some recommendations.
NoteCommissioned by the Secretariat of the Commission of the European Union
Document typeReport
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